The painstaking art of Reddit’s r/relationships moderators

The painstaking art of Reddit’s r/relationships moderators

Reddit’s forum for relationship advice isn’t only a guilty pleasure for internet voyeurs; it is carefully moderated to truly provide advice to those who work in need

You almost certainly curently have a favourite. Possibly it is the man whose ex-girlfriend would fleetingly unblock him on WhatsApp every Monday to deliver him Game of Thrones spoilers, or even the marine biologist whoever boyfriend amazed her with a octopus that is large her birthday celebration. Or even it absolutely was the poster who’d met his gf – a distant relative – through the DNA screening site 23andMe. Reddit’s r/relationships, the subreddit where individuals ask for love-life advice, is a prospect that is uniquely compelling a vast issue web page that invites market involvement.

Launched in 2013, the subreddit presently has 2.2 million members and it is checked out by thousands of individuals every single day. It has additionally become Twitter’s guilty pleasure – screengrabs for the wildest posts get viral, and there’s even a free account focused on them, @redditships (which styles it self as “choice quotes through the yard of r/relationships”). Should your only experience of it was through social media marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone was all here solely to rubberneck at strangers’ intimate misfortunes. But you’d be incorrect.


“If you’re running a relationship help forum, you probably care,” says Tim Squirrell, a PhD researcher during the University of Edinburgh whom centers on social networks. Continue Reading The painstaking art of Reddit’s r/relationships moderators